Healthy can be luscious.

Hello. Welcome and thank you for visiting my food site. Sorry, it's still under construction - I'm trying to fill out info on a few of the photos each week, but you know how busy life gets... I'm a home cook, and have also worked as a personal chef for dancers and martial artists, and in a couple kitchens in the past. Most of what I make for our household are simple meals with Asian, Mediterranean, and Californian influences. I believe in trying to use as little processed food as possible and supporting local farms. As a graphic designer, I'm inspired by the colors, textures, shapes of mother nature's finest. Add flavors and smells and memories - dishes become like narrative. I love thinking about all of these things while cooking or putting together new recipes. While I'm not vegetarian, I have cooked for many people with limited or specific dietary needs and am fascinated by what people eat and why and how it affects our bodies. This site is just a place for me to document and share things I've made. I hope that you find something here that inspires you to make something tasty and wholesome in your kitchen.  - Soy